Marvel Selective Search Developer for Game The Avengers

With so many superhero characters in it, no wonder if The Avengers will be present in a game. Marvel was actually interested to realize it.

Unfortunately, when asked when the game The Avengers will be worked on, one of Marvel’s top brass, TQ Jefferson, said that they are still looking for the right partner.

Monster legends hack  will be present when we have a suitable, well-informed (developer) partner who has the time to develop a powerful and competitive triple-A game,” Jefferson said.

He added, Monster legends game must be in accordance with the ambitions of Marvel, which is a fun gameplay as well as an interesting story and in accordance with the character. If all these things have not been agreed, Marvel will not cooperate. “Gamers know better. They will not be interested in anything that is below average, “he said.

Marvel is quite tight if working on the project The Avengers. They do not want the success of the film ternodai with less quality games. The two superheroes from The Avengers, Thor and Captain America, are proof of his failure. “We got a big blow from both games.”

Now the company has learned a lot from the negative responses they get from Thor and Captain America games. Hopefully they get the right developers who can make the game The Avengers appear captivating and able to compete with other AAA games.

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Uncharted PS 4 & NBA Live mobile Gameplay Will Appear on E3 2014?

What happened to Naughty Dog today is leaving a lot of question marks. How come? Regardless of a bright future, especially with the extraordinary compliment to The Last of Us, there is no reason to feel pessimistic. Being one of Sony’s leading spearheads for their flagship console, Naughty Dog is a symbol of quality and innovation in the gaming industry. But strangely enough, Naughty Dog just keeps going to the resignation of his best talents, including the latest – Sang Art Director – Nate Wells. However, all these awkward events seem to have no effect on Uncharted’s latest game development process aimed at Playstation 4. This NBA Live mobile  game is reportedly even ready to appear in the event E3 2014.

Both Sony and Naughty Dog itself has not given any certainty. But the information comes from the informants in the trusted game industry – Tidux, which has been proven to provide leaks about the Playstation ends right. On his official Twitter account, Tidux revealed that Naughty Dog and Sony will show the uncharted 4 gameplay for the first time, in the upcoming E3 2014. Interestingly, Uncharted 4 is said to have been developed since three years ago, long before The Last of Us was planned and released. News worse? Todd Stashwick actor who had filled the sound of the first teaser Uncharted 4 also leave and will be replaced by other actors.

So how valid is this NBA Live mobile coins hack 2017  information? The only chance to prove it of course by watching the event E3 2014 which will take place from 10 to 12 June 2014. This will be an interesting E3 to watch ..

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