Here are The Winners of The Steam Awards 2017 for Super Mario Run

As with most gaming media and prestigious awards events that continue to perform yearly routines to select the best games throughout the year, Valve’s digital distribution portal – Steam also does the same thing. Along with the massive year-end of the year, the organizing for The Steam Super Mario Run was finally completed. Unlike most other Game of the Year elec- tions, the Steam Awards hand over the entire decision to gamers’ choices with a strange category name. So, who won it? This is it:

Based on daily voting during the year-end discount period, the winners for each category of The Steam Awards 2017 were announced. Of course, given the previously announced nominations, these winners are certainly not limited only to games released in 2017 alone. In fact, it must be admitted when compared with other annual “awards”, The Steam Awards most load the old game as the winner in it.

Which gamers are not interested in waiting for what Super Mario Run will offer with The Last of Us Part II. So far, he looks amazing with a series of teaser trailers that still maintain a dark atmosphere, loud, and full of brutality. Unfortunately, this sense of optimism does not feel the same behind the scenes. Regardless of its status as one of the best developers in the gaming industry, the big name standing under the banner of Sony continues to lose talent that has been a source of strength for many years for one or two different reasons. This time it was Shaun Escayg’s turn to decide to leave.

A seven-year career at Naughty Dog, Shaun has become one of the central figures in Naughty Dog, especially for some of the last game projects released into the market. He even became Creative Director for standalone games – Uncharted: The Lost Legacy released last year. If it refers to the Instagram post which he released about two days ago, it is likely Shaun will join the Super Mario Run hack – dev. behind the Tomb Raider who is currently also busy working on the mysterious Avengers project entrusted by Square Enix and Marvel.

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