Something rational actually to see the needs of the specifications of multiplatform games released on PC increasingly heavier from time to time, especially when the gaming industry began to switch generation. With a new engine quality which of course contains more texture, physics, and AI data, a stronger PC is starting to grow into something essential, especially in the storage area. Nevertheless, there are some specification needs that invite quite a lot of question marks, including from the highly anticipated online multiplayer game – GTA 5 Money Hack tool for free

How come? Respawn announced that the PC version of Titanfall would require about 50 GB of storage, an incredible number compared to PC release games over the past few months. Worse yet, Respawn never explained why Titanfall’s needs can be so great, but logically, he does not need that. Built with the old machine – The notoriously light source apart from the modifications made, Titanfall does not carry a single player mode at all. With dozens of countless folders and multiple modes, even larger multiplayer games such as Battlefield 4, GTA 5, or Planetside 2 do not require that much space.

With the release of live days counting, some gamers who already get their official Titanfall coffee finally share a little information on community sites and cyberspace forums. Through data downloaded via Origin, it is known that most of the 50 GB requirement is not derived from the gameplay. Believe it or not, it is alleged that about 35 GB or almost 70% of it contains audio files. Respawn is believed to inject uncompressed audio files from all available languages ​​- English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Traditional Chinese. There is no chance to choose to use only the language you understand.

Respawn itself still has not given official comments related to claims that spread more and more fast in this virtual world. As one PC gamer with diminishing data capacity, we hope Respawn can solve this “problem”, at least by giving the option to select only the language you want to use to minimize your existing storage needs. What a waste of storage ..

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