Nothing more sad than to see the developers who managed to spawn games with the best quality in your eyes, it must lead to destruction. Regardless of the gamers’ response and the ever-positive media review of the products they produce, there are many considerations that eventually culminate in these conditions – including unsatisfactory sales levels or for personal reasons talents standing behind the studio. This is what happens with the Irrational Games. Successfully spawned a fantastic Bioshock Infinite, he actually closed the publisher – 2K Games for no apparent reason. But apparently refusing to die, the Irrational Games life signals look back on the surface and get roblox hack here .

Closed in February 2014, Irrational Games lost even Ken Levine, who is currently trusted to handle smaller game projects that have not been made public. But who would have thought, in the midst of calm the period of mourning, Irrational actually shows a signal that he refused to die. A job application is released to the public through their official website – looking for a new Senior Programmer and IT Manager. This application itself newly released in the near future. Is this we will look back at the action of Irrational Games in the future? Both representatives of Irrational, roblox , or Take Two have not commented.

As one of the gamers who enjoy the Bioshock series, it becomes our personal expectation to see this veteran developer one bounce back and spawn more cool games for us to enjoy. Fingers crossed ..

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