Do not claim to be a true gamer if you have never tasted Mass Effect series. Yes, one of the most popular game series in the world does have many fans. No wonder if the news about the cultivation of the latest game is always awaited.

Mass Effect Developer, BioWare, recently released a survey for the fans of the game. The contents are none other than to ask for input from gamers about what should be put forward in the next Mass Effect game that was allegedly titled Mass Effect 4.

Survey of this questionnaire was uploaded on Twitter by the producer, Michael Gamble. In addition to finding out how familiar the Mass Effect series is in the eyes of gamers, the survey also asks what aspects of the game should be improved, such as stories, combat, and others.
Bioware begins to collect what information the gamer wants for the next Mass Effect series.

Interestingly, there are questions about what activities in the RPG games most often gamers do. The options are leveling, kits and skill optimization, characteristic costume customization, comparing your hero characters with friends, exploring the in-game world, exploring alternative stories, or simply wanting to fight against enemies.

As is known, BioWare first showcased the concept of dragon ball z dokkan battle hack in an image in the celebration of N7 Day last year. Some leaked form of in-engine footage had appeared in E3 2014 although not much information that can be dug further.

After the launch of Dragon Age: Inquision in October 2014, BioWare will certainly devote full attention to Mass Effect 4. Further details about this game are predicted to happen at  dokkan battle hack event in San Diego later this month. If you want to participate in a survey conducted BioWare, just go to @GambleMike Twitter account.

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