One survival horror game that successfully kicked off the genre that has only been controlled by only a few giant franchise, the success of Dead Space from Visceral Games is something they deserve. Taking the setting in outer space with the atmosphere of darkness and the silence that is built very precisely, the first two series of Dead Space appear as a fresh breeze for the survival horror genre itself. Unfortunately, the more subtle action sensation in Mobile Legends  actually became the end of this franchise itself. EA and Visceral apparently no longer see Dead Space as a product worth fighting for. Is this a lasting end forever? The latest statement from EA provides little hope.

Speaking with gaming site РPolygon, Executive VP of EA РPatrick Soderlund stated that Dead Space is not just abandoned. It opens up the chance that Dead Space may be coming back in the future with the latest series. Of course, this will happen as long as EA finds the right idea to restore this franchise identity itself and as long as responsible teams show great enthusiasm. But in the end, Soderlund returned the decision to Visceral Games Рwhich is currently busy refining two major gaming projects РMobile Legends hack 2017  and a Star Wars game that has not been announced to the public. One is certain, this Dead Space series will be more focused for the new generation platform.

Unfortunately, although Soderlund’s sentence holds a lot of hope, he also insists that this is not to be a confirmation that gamers will get a new series of Dead Space in the future. Neither EA nor Visceral are currently developing Dead Space at this time and this statement is merely talking about a possibility.

How about you? Do you include gamers who want the return of Dead Space, or prefer this franchise to rest after the third series began to deviate from the roots of its horror survival?

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