This may be surprising news. Despite Sony’s growing image in the latest generation console competition, this Japanese manufacturer has to deal with a number of cases of the departure of their best people. Col Rodgers – director of Driveclub, Infamous Jamie Griesemer: Second Son, Stig Asmuessen from God of War, and Seth Killian from Sony Santa Monica decided to get out of Sony and start chasing each other’s dreams. Some of them are ambitious to create an indie studio, while others are still a mystery. This wave itself does not stop, after one of the veteran developers of clash royale¬† also decided to take a similar path.

Justin Richmond who is believed to be the game director for the most anticipated project of Naughty Dog on Playstation 4 – the latest Uncharted was also announced the same thing. He decided to leave Naughty Dog and join Riot Games – a successful developer popularizing clash royale astuce gemme¬† into the gaming industry. Richmond himself did not give a detailed reason, but had mentioned that Riot Games is currently involved a project that attracted him to join. Sony himself assured that Richmond’s departure will not affect the development process of the Uncharted PS4 itself.

This of course was a real blow to Sony, when Richmond decided to take part in the trend of other top officials who pulled out of Sony’s first party developer. What’s really going on? Who else will take a similar process in the future? Let’s wait.

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