Importance of Amazon AWS Certification

With the emergence of a large number of IT businesses and professionals, there are a lot of people who have developed the skill to deliver quality results. It is very important for an individual to get his or her skills verified by some renowned organization. Getting a certificate for your efforts and skills is very important in the present time.

Why get certified?

Amazon Web Services are the biggest in this sector. And they also excel in the field of cloud computing. The use of remote servers instead of local servers for the safe transfer of data is what is termed as cloud computing. In this era of tough competition, one has to stay relevant and be in the game.

amazon aws certification

Why choose Amazon Web Services?

What is the ultimate solution for most of the verification seeks is amazon aws certification. Getting certified from Amazon has its advantages. The whole procedure of getting certified from Amazon is quite organized and does not require any high-level skill set to start. The top paying and most valuable IT Certification list of a world-leading magazine had the name of Amazon Certification on top.

The benefits of getting an amazon aws certificationare:

  • You get digital badges for your email signatures and your social media. These also help you to get immediate access to exclusive AWS events.
  • You are specially invited to all the AWS events held across the globe and which are relevant to your field.
  • You get access to the AWS Certified Global LinkedIn Community, which can help you expand your circle to a highly professional group of people.
  • You get free practice exams.
  • Adds a credential to your resume, which ultimately leads to a better chance of getting hired.
  • An amazon aws certificationOffers a discount for the renewal of the certification after the validity expires.

Who can get certified?

Anyone with decent work experience as a web developer, administrator, networking expert, Big Data expert, a Cloud practitioner or an aspirant can undergo a series of examinations and attain certificate by the largest IT Company. AWS provides different certification cloud engineer, admin or architect, and all of these last for two years.

How can you get certified?

An aspirant has to undergo one or multiple examinations, after following a certain training and going through materials that they provide. There are different levels of the courses based on your expertise, and all of them have different requirements for being eligible.

  • Foundational
  • Associate
  • Professional
  • Speciality

Certain other third-party firms take money from you and send you your certificate in no amount of time.