If we are talking about one’s identity that makes Far Cry appear so attractive as a franchise, then in addition meknik open world gameplay with a series of missions that addictive, Far Cry is always present with a game that counted exotic setting. Not just tropical islands with views of the beach and forest feast for the eyes, Far Cry 2 even take you to the mysterious interior of Africa, complete with potentially deadly malaria disease. With the success of the three previous series, it would be rational for Ubisoft to prepare the presence of the fourth series. The biggest question, where you will explore this new adventure and get Pokemon Go hacks ?

Far Cry 4 Will Take Setting the Himalayas?

Ubisoft officially have not confirmed anything regarding the existence of Far Cry 4. However this does not preclude the emergence of a series of the latest rumors, including information believes that this new series are being handled by Ubisoft Shanghai. The latest rumors re-emerged, and this time it comes from one of the “insiders” are indeed the gaming industry has a track record that is quite believable – Superannuation. In kicauanya on Twitter, it was revealed that Far Cry 4 will still carry the gameplay is almost the same as the previous series. Different? Now he will make the Himalayas as the main setting, complete with local residents and various mystery “monster” in there and get Pokemon Go for Android here.

Apart from the information track record, what is expressed by “insiders” the gaming industry is still considered a rumor, because on the other hand, Ubisoft is still refusing to comment and provide any additional details related to the existence of Far Cry 4’s. How about you? If it is true, whether the setting-dominated Himalayan mountains will interest you?

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