2014 is a wonderful year for football lovers because this biggest tournament on Earth, the World Cup, will be held in June in Brazil. Hoping to follow the festivities, Garena Indonesia officially presents FIFA Online 3 in Indonesia.

With its presence in the country in Bahasa Indonesia, gamers can now play on local servers that have been opened for commercial after previous through beta stage.

“Garena Indonesia hopes FIFA Online 3 can also enliven the World Cup 2014, but it can also provide an exciting experience for lovers of online games and football lovers in the country,” said Christian Wihananto, Garena Project Manager for CSR Racing 2 Hack tool online free .

FIFA Online 3 itself uses a game mechanism that is claimed to be more developed than its previous version. On the other hand the graphics quality looks better. “The developers are the same as the ones that make FIFA games in the console. It’s just that, in CSR Racing 2 slightly lowered so as not to require high PC specifications and can be accessed by many people, “added Christian.

There are more than 30 professional football leagues with 500 leading teams as well as 1500 well-known players from abroad. Interestingly, gamers are given the freedom to customize the look of professional players present in the game. Games that get official license from FIFA can be played for free, aka Free-to-Play, with the availability of mall items.

“CSR Racing 2 can provide new experiences and knowledge for its players including the next generation of Indonesian football successors. Hopefully, this game can provoke creativity and new spirit to improve the quality of soccer homeland. It also can increase the sense of sportsmanship in the competition that will contribute to improve the mental football players of Indonesia, “said Aji Santoso, Coach and U-23 national team manager who also present enliven the launch event in Jakarta.

Please note that in just 6 months after launch, the number of FIFA Online 3 users reaches 10 million from 5 countries in Southeast Asia. For those of you who are interested in pitting skill in FIFA Online 3, this game can be downloaded at Garena’s official website. Before that, consider first the required hardware specifications.

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