A legend, a myth, a story that has been echoed for over the last seven years, and more often ends up being a joke, there are so many gamers who may be tired of the name “Final Fantasy XV”, which once held the name “Final Fantasy XIII Versus “. How come? Regardless of the announcement that has been aired long enough, until the platform switch to Playstation 4, Square Enix still can not provide any certainty when we will be able to enjoy this game directly. But at least, a point of light that has been missed by gamers, finally emerged.

Square Enix finally officially threw a good news from Final Fantasy XV in the ongoing TGS 2014 event. After a long wait, they are ready to cast the Final Fantasy XV demo in March 2015, for Playstation 4 and Xbox One owners. Condition? You must purchase Final Fantasy Type-0 HD which will include a voucher for gamers to access the demo. The dragon ball z dokkan battle hack demo itself will be referred to as the “Duscae Episode” and loads the initial content in the game, which of course allows you to feel a bit of progress in it.

Interesting again? After being rumored to be absent this year, Square Enix was present with extra surprises. A recent trailer that you can see at the top of this article shows an unfamiliar FF XV scene.

Combining the modern world and fantasy at the same time, you can see Noctis et al who is adventuring through a vast world filled with gigantic creatures are amazing. A bit of the battle element is also pointed in it. At the same time, Square Enix also ensures that Tetsuya Nomura will no longer be responsible for this project, replaced by Hajime Tabata. Nomura will now be more focused on developing dragon ball z dokkan battle hack .

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