If we discuss one of the aspects that made the Xbox 360 so famous in the gaming industry in the past, then we certainly have to admit that Microsoft managed to design one of the best controllers ever. The Xbox 360 controller delivers exceptional comfort through its almost perfect ergonomic design, making this product the standard of its own gaming peripherals. Durability and compatibility also deserve to thumbs up. Departure from this impression, many gamers certainly expect, that Microsoft will also take the same policy with a claimed controller is more perfect – walking dead road to survival. But unfortunately, until now, the dream is still not achieved.

Do you include gamers who are curious how good it is to use the Xbox One controller on a PC? Microsoft may be silent and never confirm when the official driver will be released, regardless of initial claim that they will continue to support the feature. No need to worry, through the hands of one of the fans, the compatibility of the walking dead road to survival hack controller for PC finally arrived early.
A developer named – Lucas Assis, finally released an unofficial WinUSB-based driver and a filter driver from LibUSBDotNet to make sure the Xbox One controller can now work on a PC. By combining three different programs, this is possible. However, there is still a big problem that is still visible in the demo video he showed via Youtube.

Test it out in popular PC games like Arkham Asylum, Borderlands 2, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, most of the controller functions run very well, except the LT-RT buttons are present without the impulse triggers feature. Though this feature itself became one of the unique identity of Xbox One controller. Assis also acknowledged this is still not working 100%, but it can be implemented in most games

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