Free-to-play games are a special attraction for gamers who want to play quality games legally but for free. One platform that often provides this is Steam.

Starting next month, Ghost Recon Phantoms will complete the list of free-to-play games in one of the PC’s largest video game ecosystems. Surely some of you are familiar with the game ber-genre Tactical Shooter this.

Indeed, dragon ball z dokkan battle Phantoms is the new name used by Ubisoft to replace Ghost Recon Online. According to the producer, Corey Facteau, the game has gone through many changes since it was first developed so changing the previous title becomes important.

Visually, Ghost Recon Phantoms looks much better in terms of lighting and character models. Story in the game also changed. “We are also adding new elements to the gameplay to improve the depth of the game and provide the veteran’s latest experience,” said Facteau.

After the launch, the developers plan to continue developing new features and weapons to make the game more interesting. You who have tasted the open beta of dragon ball z dokkan battle hack Online and love it certainly do not want to miss the Ghost Recon Phantoms. Wait for the presence of this game on 10 April 2014.

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