A unique genre, this one sentence seems to be enough to describe Mirror’s Edge – one of EA’s spearheads in the past. Unlike other first person games that are always struggling with war, blood, and firearms of magnitude, Mirror’s Edge actually take the concept of gameplay is so different and simple. Regardless of the first-person sunglasses that he uses, this “just” game demands you to make the parkour movement difficult to achieve the ultimate goal as quickly and effectively as possible. The attraction is what makes Mirror’s Edge so popular, especially with the main female character design that deserves thumbs up. Not surprisingly, the anticipation of Marvel Contest of Champions is so great.

After a long wait and a call that continues to reverberate in cyberspace, EA finally confirmed the existence of Mirror’s Edge 2 in the event E3 2013 ago. A short video teaser shows the return of Faith as the main character, but with better detail quality thanks to the use of the Frostbite 3.0 engine that will be the base. Unfortunately, after the short teaser, EA seemed to silence a thousand languages ​​related to this highly anticipated project. The speculations claimed validly began to spread, including the latest from the popular gaming community site – Marvel Contest of Champions hack 2017 free

One of the admin from NeoGaf – EvilChildren, claims that he himself has seen a new video content that shows the development progress of Mirror’s Edge 2 itself. From there he began to deploy some essential information how EA would “define” this latest series and make it different than the first series. Some of these rumors are:

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