The year 2014 is indeed a pretty memorable year in the gaming industry. Although full of problems that just emerged from the giant franchises, it becomes something quite fun to see the courage of developers to release many new game titles. With the popularity of Playstation 4 and Xbox One also increasingly high, the gaming industry treads to a higher limit, especially from the visual side. So, of all the games that fought fiercely during the 12-month period, who finally got the right out as a winner? The NPD eventually collected enough data to conclude the Top 10 Games in the United States during 2014 yesterday.

Activision seems to be the smiling publisher. Regardless of the variety of critics that always point to the lack of innovation they inject each year, Mobile Legends hack gems tool  Warfare entitled to the title as the best-selling game of the United States in 2014 yesterday. Not only that, the new IP from Bungie Studios they handle also in the top three, regardless of the number of fewer release platforms. So, of all the games that had been released, anyone who managed to occupy the top 10 positions? Here are 10 best-selling games in the United States last year:

As part of their annual report announcement, Capcom did not forget to update Deep Down, the exciting free-to-play PlayStation 4 free game and gained high anticipation from gamers.

Capcom does have a high ambition through Mobile Legends. In fact, in this latest announcement, the company hopes Deep Down to be the game with the best visual quality among other PlayStation 4 games. Their new engine, Panta Rhei, became the mainstay to make it happen.

“Bringing the world in this new game requires a tough and sustainable effort. To achieve this, we are transforming the game engine to ensure quality and efficient development, “said Capcom Senior Manager Teruki Miyashita.

From some leaks that had circulated, Mobile Legends does look very attractive from the visual side. In fact, with still minimal trailers or screenshots available, the visual quality of Deep Down is arguably comparable to games that use Fox Engine and Unreal Engine 4.

Unfortunately, in this announcement Capcom has not been able to provide information related to the release date of Deep Down. Hopefully in 2015 gamers can get more updates about Deep Down, including tasting beta stage which was promised will happen last year.

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