Dead Space & Mobile Legends May Get The Latest Series

One survival horror game that successfully kicked off the genre that has only been controlled by only a few giant franchise, the success of Dead Space from Visceral Games is something they deserve. Taking the setting in outer space with the atmosphere of darkness and the silence that is built very precisely, the first two series of Dead Space appear as a fresh breeze for the survival horror genre itself. Unfortunately, the more subtle action sensation in Mobile Legends  actually became the end of this franchise itself. EA and Visceral apparently no longer see Dead Space as a product worth fighting for. Is this a lasting end forever? The latest statement from EA provides little hope.

Speaking with gaming site – Polygon, Executive VP of EA – Patrick Soderlund stated that Dead Space is not just abandoned. It opens up the chance that Dead Space may be coming back in the future with the latest series. Of course, this will happen as long as EA finds the right idea to restore this franchise identity itself and as long as responsible teams show great enthusiasm. But in the end, Soderlund returned the decision to Visceral Games – which is currently busy refining two major gaming projects – Mobile Legends hack 2017  and a Star Wars game that has not been announced to the public. One is certain, this Dead Space series will be more focused for the new generation platform.

Unfortunately, although Soderlund’s sentence holds a lot of hope, he also insists that this is not to be a confirmation that gamers will get a new series of Dead Space in the future. Neither EA nor Visceral are currently developing Dead Space at this time and this statement is merely talking about a possibility.

How about you? Do you include gamers who want the return of Dead Space, or prefer this franchise to rest after the third series began to deviate from the roots of its horror survival?

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Marvel Selective Search Developer for Game The Avengers

With so many superhero characters in it, no wonder if The Avengers will be present in a game. Marvel was actually interested to realize it.

Unfortunately, when asked when the game The Avengers will be worked on, one of Marvel’s top brass, TQ Jefferson, said that they are still looking for the right partner.

Monster legends hack  will be present when we have a suitable, well-informed (developer) partner who has the time to develop a powerful and competitive triple-A game,” Jefferson said.

He added, Monster legends game must be in accordance with the ambitions of Marvel, which is a fun gameplay as well as an interesting story and in accordance with the character. If all these things have not been agreed, Marvel will not cooperate. “Gamers know better. They will not be interested in anything that is below average, “he said.

Marvel is quite tight if working on the project The Avengers. They do not want the success of the film ternodai with less quality games. The two superheroes from The Avengers, Thor and Captain America, are proof of his failure. “We got a big blow from both games.”

Now the company has learned a lot from the negative responses they get from Thor and Captain America games. Hopefully they get the right developers who can make the game The Avengers appear captivating and able to compete with other AAA games.

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Uncharted PS 4 & NBA Live mobile Gameplay Will Appear on E3 2014?

What happened to Naughty Dog today is leaving a lot of question marks. How come? Regardless of a bright future, especially with the extraordinary compliment to The Last of Us, there is no reason to feel pessimistic. Being one of Sony’s leading spearheads for their flagship console, Naughty Dog is a symbol of quality and innovation in the gaming industry. But strangely enough, Naughty Dog just keeps going to the resignation of his best talents, including the latest – Sang Art Director – Nate Wells. However, all these awkward events seem to have no effect on Uncharted’s latest game development process aimed at Playstation 4. This NBA Live mobile  game is reportedly even ready to appear in the event E3 2014.

Both Sony and Naughty Dog itself has not given any certainty. But the information comes from the informants in the trusted game industry – Tidux, which has been proven to provide leaks about the Playstation ends right. On his official Twitter account, Tidux revealed that Naughty Dog and Sony will show the uncharted 4 gameplay for the first time, in the upcoming E3 2014. Interestingly, Uncharted 4 is said to have been developed since three years ago, long before The Last of Us was planned and released. News worse? Todd Stashwick actor who had filled the sound of the first teaser Uncharted 4 also leave and will be replaced by other actors.

So how valid is this NBA Live mobile coins hack 2017  information? The only chance to prove it of course by watching the event E3 2014 which will take place from 10 to 12 June 2014. This will be an interesting E3 to watch ..

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Developer Uncharted PS 4 Moves To League of Legends & clash royale

This may be surprising news. Despite Sony’s growing image in the latest generation console competition, this Japanese manufacturer has to deal with a number of cases of the departure of their best people. Col Rodgers – director of Driveclub, Infamous Jamie Griesemer: Second Son, Stig Asmuessen from God of War, and Seth Killian from Sony Santa Monica decided to get out of Sony and start chasing each other’s dreams. Some of them are ambitious to create an indie studio, while others are still a mystery. This wave itself does not stop, after one of the veteran developers of clash royale  also decided to take a similar path.

Justin Richmond who is believed to be the game director for the most anticipated project of Naughty Dog on Playstation 4 – the latest Uncharted was also announced the same thing. He decided to leave Naughty Dog and join Riot Games – a successful developer popularizing clash royale astuce gemme  into the gaming industry. Richmond himself did not give a detailed reason, but had mentioned that Riot Games is currently involved a project that attracted him to join. Sony himself assured that Richmond’s departure will not affect the development process of the Uncharted PS4 itself.

This of course was a real blow to Sony, when Richmond decided to take part in the trend of other top officials who pulled out of Sony’s first party developer. What’s really going on? Who else will take a similar process in the future? Let’s wait.

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PC Specs for Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z & GTA 5

Making one of the most popular ninja-themed protagonists in the gaming industry – Ryu Hayabusha became the main enemy, the spin off series – Yaiba: The Ninja Gaiden Z certainly comes across as a pretty much anticipated project. Taking a different side of the story from the Ninja Gaiden franchise that we’ve known, this game will indeed focus on the mysterious ninja figure named – Yaiba Kamikaze. Lost and almost killed in Ryu’s hands in the past, GTA 5 returns from “death” to run his ultimate destiny – revenge. But this trip is not easy considering other groups of organizations trying to catch and kloin themselves. Interested? Then you must prepare yourself to welcome the presence of this one ninja.

Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z is already confirmed to be offered as a multiplatform game, which is not only released for consoles – Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but also PCs. For this last affair, like most other multiplatform game release habits, GTA 5 money hack will certainly perform more optimally on this strongest platform. Higher framerate, and possibly superior visual qualities.

Both of these elements will greatly support the style of the game Yaiba is indeed claimed to appear super fast. The question now, what kind of PC should you prepare to be able to enjoy it? With the visual quality of existing cell-shading, this game does not require a specification that is too heavy:

Minimum Requirements:

OS: Windows® XP (32-bit)
Processor: Dual core 2.5 GHz CPU
Memory: 3 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® 9800 or better
Hard Drive: 7 GB available space
Sound Card: Standard audio device

Recommended Requirements:

OS: Windows® 7
Processor: Quad core 2.7 GHz or better
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 460 or better
Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
Sound Card: 5.1 audio device

What about your own PC? Ready to taste the game that is scheduled to slide on March 21, 2014 is this?

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Ghost Recon Phantoms & dragon ball z dokkan battle Will Be Released Next Month!

Free-to-play games are a special attraction for gamers who want to play quality games legally but for free. One platform that often provides this is Steam.

Starting next month, Ghost Recon Phantoms will complete the list of free-to-play games in one of the PC’s largest video game ecosystems. Surely some of you are familiar with the game ber-genre Tactical Shooter this.

Indeed, dragon ball z dokkan battle Phantoms is the new name used by Ubisoft to replace Ghost Recon Online. According to the producer, Corey Facteau, the game has gone through many changes since it was first developed so changing the previous title becomes important.

Visually, Ghost Recon Phantoms looks much better in terms of lighting and character models. Story in the game also changed. “We are also adding new elements to the gameplay to improve the depth of the game and provide the veteran’s latest experience,” said Facteau.

After the launch, the developers plan to continue developing new features and weapons to make the game more interesting. You who have tasted the open beta of dragon ball z dokkan battle hack Online and love it certainly do not want to miss the Ghost Recon Phantoms. Wait for the presence of this game on 10 April 2014.

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Cheater Starts Appearing on Titanfall PC & nba live mobile

Titanfall has just been officially released to the market a few days ago. Since its launch, this game received a fairly positive response from gamers. Unfortunately, his excitement must be disturbed after Respawn discovers the cheating done by some players.

Cheaters who are known to use aimbot start entering Titanfall. Fortunately, the Respawn immediately realized this and immediately take action before the cheater is more annoying to other gamers.

Find a cheater in Titanfall? We also. We are identifying them and will be eradicated as soon as possible, “wrote Respawn on his official Twitter account.

“Find a cheater in how to hack  nba live mobile ? We also. We are identifying them and will be eradicated as soon as possible, “wrote Respawn on his official Twitter account. Of course, the response from the developer can make a relief gamers who feel harmed by the presence of gamers.

Talking about aimbot, this cheat is certainly not a strange thing, especially for those who often play the game ber-genre First-Person Shooter with online multiplayer mode.

In essence, aimbot serves to facilitate the target gamer in target. Please note that the cheater with the new aimbot is found in nba live mobile PC version. Therefore, those who play on Xbox One or Xbox 360 need not worry.

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This War of Mine – War Game from the Glasses of Civilian Victims

Embarrassing war, this accusation is often thrown a layman to the gaming industry considering the number of titles on the same that are counted massive. Most of the FPS and Third Person games on offer always make you as a soldier involved in the middle of a big war, where your job is to fire weapons and kill every enemy you meet. The epic and fun impression resulting from this experience seemed to obscure the atmosphere of war in the real world that is very tense and creepy. This is what the new game is trying to offer – dragon ball z dokkan battle.

Of all the war games available, the new Spec Ops: The Line offers different glasses to see this armed conflict. Instead of making it look fun, Spec Ops visualizes the tragedies and nightmares that can be born from war. This almost similar uniqueness is being offered by developers from Poland – 11 Bit Studios. Although making war a major theme, in this game, you will not play as a soldier with heavy weapons that are defending the interests of the country. You will become a commoner.

True, This War of Mine will take you to the struggle of an ordinary civilian who is trapped as a victim over two warring countries. 11 bit studios call this game a “dark survival game”, where you will play a group of civilians who are trying to survive in a war-torn city. During the day, you will be able to craft, trade, upgrade, and feed and heal other injured people. While at night, you have to find all the resources to survive, including food and weapons.

Not only this system alone, This War of Mine will get you caught in so many situations that require you to choose a dilemma of moral decisions. At some point, you can choose to protect other people who are in the same situation, or sacrifice them to ensure you survive. And just like real-world wars, there’s nothing good – bad in a situation like this, just an effort to make sure life goes on. Departing from this concept This War of Mine chose the slogan, “In war, not everyone is soldier.”

Unfortunately, 11 bits studios themselves still provide details of what kind of gameplay will be built to support the   dokkan battle pierre dragon gratuit gameplay. One for sure, This War of Mine will launch for PCs and mobile devices and is ready to be introduced for the first time in more detail in the upcoming 2014 GDC event. Can not wait to see how this game gonna work ..

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Finally, Xbox One Controller Now Works on PC!

If we discuss one of the aspects that made the Xbox 360 so famous in the gaming industry in the past, then we certainly have to admit that Microsoft managed to design one of the best controllers ever. The Xbox 360 controller delivers exceptional comfort through its almost perfect ergonomic design, making this product the standard of its own gaming peripherals. Durability and compatibility also deserve to thumbs up. Departure from this impression, many gamers certainly expect, that Microsoft will also take the same policy with a claimed controller is more perfect – walking dead road to survival. But unfortunately, until now, the dream is still not achieved.

Do you include gamers who are curious how good it is to use the Xbox One controller on a PC? Microsoft may be silent and never confirm when the official driver will be released, regardless of initial claim that they will continue to support the feature. No need to worry, through the hands of one of the fans, the compatibility of the walking dead road to survival hack controller for PC finally arrived early.
A developer named – Lucas Assis, finally released an unofficial WinUSB-based driver and a filter driver from LibUSBDotNet to make sure the Xbox One controller can now work on a PC. By combining three different programs, this is possible. However, there is still a big problem that is still visible in the demo video he showed via Youtube.

Test it out in popular PC games like Arkham Asylum, Borderlands 2, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, most of the controller functions run very well, except the LT-RT buttons are present without the impulse triggers feature. Though this feature itself became one of the unique identity of Xbox One controller. Assis also acknowledged this is still not working 100%, but it can be implemented in most games

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FIFA Online 3 & CSR Racing 2 Official Online Server

2014 is a wonderful year for football lovers because this biggest tournament on Earth, the World Cup, will be held in June in Brazil. Hoping to follow the festivities, Garena Indonesia officially presents FIFA Online 3 in Indonesia.

With its presence in the country in Bahasa Indonesia, gamers can now play on local servers that have been opened for commercial after previous through beta stage.

“Garena Indonesia hopes FIFA Online 3 can also enliven the World Cup 2014, but it can also provide an exciting experience for lovers of online games and football lovers in the country,” said Christian Wihananto, Garena Project Manager for CSR Racing 2 Hack tool online free .

FIFA Online 3 itself uses a game mechanism that is claimed to be more developed than its previous version. On the other hand the graphics quality looks better. “The developers are the same as the ones that make FIFA games in the console. It’s just that, in CSR Racing 2 slightly lowered so as not to require high PC specifications and can be accessed by many people, “added Christian.

There are more than 30 professional football leagues with 500 leading teams as well as 1500 well-known players from abroad. Interestingly, gamers are given the freedom to customize the look of professional players present in the game. Games that get official license from FIFA can be played for free, aka Free-to-Play, with the availability of mall items.

“CSR Racing 2 can provide new experiences and knowledge for its players including the next generation of Indonesian football successors. Hopefully, this game can provoke creativity and new spirit to improve the quality of soccer homeland. It also can increase the sense of sportsmanship in the competition that will contribute to improve the mental football players of Indonesia, “said Aji Santoso, Coach and U-23 national team manager who also present enliven the launch event in Jakarta.

Please note that in just 6 months after launch, the number of FIFA Online 3 users reaches 10 million from 5 countries in Southeast Asia. For those of you who are interested in pitting skill in FIFA Online 3, this game can be downloaded at Garena’s official website. Before that, consider first the required hardware specifications.

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