Where to Locate Andy Warhol art for sale?

 warhol art  Name that can never be forgotten is Andy Warhol. This was a guy who had been a painter, print maker and a filmmaker. In short he was a genuine pop artist and forced use of pop visual culture and brought it into the limelight. Thanks to him, pop culture became a sign of fine art. Everything he did was art, which included his assortment of floor coverings. Due to his artistic creations, lots of men and women are now searching for Andy Warhol rugs on sale. There are truly many Andy Warhol rugs, but the only thing they all have in common is the use of bold colors, extraordinary forms and abstract designs. These features all combined to make a touch of the contemporary and will make any room seem elegant yet vibrant. His works were thought of as those done between 1980 and 1960.

His rugs all can be categorized in themes or six groups. They are the Factory Collection, Pop Abstracts Collection, Signature Collection, Simply Andy Collection, Pure Collection and the Revolution Set. More details on each collection are as follows. The Factory Collection – earthy and multicultural designs, modern. Similar colors and textures are used and designs are inspired by his early works from The Pop Abstracts Collection – vivid and vibrant, these make use of special patterns and very bold colors. The Signature Collection – bold and magnificent colors, which are a representation of some of the finest and most celebrated paintings. The Simply Andy Collection – these pieces reveal the designs of Andy Warhol the fashion designer. The Pure Collection – Attractive lines from floral to abstract, done in dazzling and lively designs.

The Revolution Collection – delicate and soft colors that are paired with more modern designs. If you are looking for the numerous Andy Warhol rugs available for your home, check out the ones made by Sphinx Oriental Weavers that is the biggest manufacturer of these rugs in the USA. A part of the profits from your purchase will be awarded to the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. Where can you get these Andy Warhol rugs it is simple to get your bits and andy warhol art for sale online from this site that keeps track of the special discounts and deals on carpets available you may see such a magnificent variety of pieces that will save you time and effort by selecting one from the many terrific deals listed.