Soon the latest Tekken 7 series will be coming soon for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC consoles on June 2, 2017, where previously Bandai Namco first released Tekken 7 on the arcade version of 2015. In Indonesia alone, Tekken 7 arcade machine has been available in several malls in several major cities, precisely on the part of the arcade playground in the cinema XXI. The presence of Tekken 7 series in Indonesia is bringing a new spirit for all fans of fighting game made by Katsuhiro Harada, where overseas alone Tekken 7 series has been growing rapidly and now Bandai Namco will also soon hold Tekken World Tour tournament which has a total prize of 2.7 billion !

This time KotakGame get a chance from Bandai Namco to be able to taste first Tekken 7 game before the release time. Interestingly, KotakGame also invited some friends from the Indotekken community, which is a Tekken lovers community spread all over Indonesia.

This community began to be formed around 1996. At that time, Tekken gamers in Indonesia began to be active and gathered to play Tekken games on the PlayStation console and arcade. At the time Tekken 2 game appeared, start Tekken game tournaments in Indonesia. After that, Tekken gamers grow and actively gather to play together. Since then, this game is increasingly in demand by many gamers who have a PlayStation console and a hobby to watch in cinemas. The existence of Tekken arcade in XXI cinema cinema is an added value because this place becomes a gathering place to play together and here also happen many new player regeneration. More information can be found by joining Facebook NBA Live Mobile.

The advent of Tekken 7 for consoles and PCs just restored the spirit of game fighting game lovers to be able to share information and play together with other members.

A bit of information, please note the inaugural series Tekken was first released in 1994 and developed in each series with some improvement in terms of gameplay and also graphics. Well, Tekken 7 series is the latest series after Tekken Tag Tournament 2 (released in 2011) is held directly by the creator Katsuhiro Harada, which in this latest series has been getting major updates in terms of features, characters, gameplay and customize new items are applied and visit NBA Live Mobile hack  .

Tekken 7 was developed using Unreal Engine 4 so it has improved graphics quality compared to Tekken 6 series and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Unreal Engine is a game engine that is currently said to be the best and realistic. Unreal Engine is a tool for the development of games owned by Unreal aimed at game developers to produce 3D graphics with perfect course with an easy code. Many say the graphical comparison between Tekken 7 and Tekken Tag Tournament feels different, given that both have adopted 3D graphics, but in terms of movement, lighting and effects Tekken 7 is far superior to the previous series.

Browse through the story, in Tekken 7 it contains about the conflict that occurred in the Mishima family, where you can feel the conflict about revenge, vengeance, war, romance, and others. Until finally the war occurred between Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation, the battle ended when the G Corporation had managed to defeat Zaibatsu leader Jin Kazama who suddenly disappeared. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Heihachi Mishima finally took over Zaibatsu and became the antagonist in the company against Kazuya Mishima and G Corporation.

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