Embarrassing war, this accusation is often thrown a layman to the gaming industry considering the number of titles on the same that are counted massive. Most of the FPS and Third Person games on offer always make you as a soldier involved in the middle of a big war, where your job is to fire weapons and kill every enemy you meet. The epic and fun impression resulting from this experience seemed to obscure the atmosphere of war in the real world that is very tense and creepy. This is what the new game is trying to offer – dragon ball z dokkan battle.

Of all the war games available, the new Spec Ops: The Line offers different glasses to see this armed conflict. Instead of making it look fun, Spec Ops visualizes the tragedies and nightmares that can be born from war. This almost similar uniqueness is being offered by developers from Poland – 11 Bit Studios. Although making war a major theme, in this game, you will not play as a soldier with heavy weapons that are defending the interests of the country. You will become a commoner.

True, This War of Mine will take you to the struggle of an ordinary civilian who is trapped as a victim over two warring countries. 11 bit studios call this game a “dark survival game”, where you will play a group of civilians who are trying to survive in a war-torn city. During the day, you will be able to craft, trade, upgrade, and feed and heal other injured people. While at night, you have to find all the resources to survive, including food and weapons.

Not only this system alone, This War of Mine will get you caught in so many situations that require you to choose a dilemma of moral decisions. At some point, you can choose to protect other people who are in the same situation, or sacrifice them to ensure you survive. And just like real-world wars, there’s nothing good – bad in a situation like this, just an effort to make sure life goes on. Departing from this concept This War of Mine chose the slogan, “In war, not everyone is soldier.”

Unfortunately, 11 bits studios themselves still provide details of what kind of gameplay will be built to support the   dokkan battle pierre dragon gratuit gameplay. One for sure, This War of Mine will launch for PCs and mobile devices and is ready to be introduced for the first time in more detail in the upcoming 2014 GDC event. Can not wait to see how this game gonna work ..

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